To prepare for your Caribbean escape, read through these commonly asked questions.

Can I cruise for more or less nights than 7 nights?

Yes.  There is a 4 night minimum, but your itinerary and dates are up to you.  To calculate your rate, just divide your 7 night rate by 6 then multiply it by the number of nights you want to cruise.

Is a private yacht cruise fun for children?

These cruises are not recommended for children under 10.  Small children do not tolerate longer cruising legs of the trip and the boat is not child proof.  There are many areas of the boat that are dangerous for small children.  Children that are on the cruise must be able to swim.

Where does my cruise start and end?

It depends on when you are sailing and what destinations you choose.  Your itinerary is flexible.  You can start and end in the same place, or start at one port and end at another and fly home from there.

When is the best time to cruise?

The peak season in the Caribbean is November through June due to the typical weather during that time.  The water and air temperature in the Caribbean is in the 80's all year round, so that isn't a factor.  Hurricane season runs from July through October, so the yacht will be sailing in the southern Caribbean to avoid those potential storms.  The rest of the year we will be cruising further north as the weather allows.  So, the best answer is to look at the Sailing Date list and pick the date that correlates with the part of the Caribbean you would prefer to cruise through.

Are meals and drinks provided?

Your on board meals (all breakfasts/all lunches/4 dinners), open ships bar (beer, house wine, mixed drinks are included.  Premium spirits and quantities in excess of the ship supply are at passenger's expense) and soft drinks will be provided.  

Is it dangerous to swim in the ocean?

While there are some risks associated with swimming in the ocean with sea life, it is still quite safe.  The most common risks are: coming in contact with jelly fish; stepping on sea urchins or sting rays; being carried away by currents; and swimming while intoxicated.  Sharks are extremely rare and do not  attack people in the Caribbean.  Barracuda are very common, but are not a danger to people if you leave them alone.  One precaution is to not wear shiny jewelry that would attract them.  It is also not recommended that you swim at dusk as this is an active feeding time for sea life.  

Does the yacht have all the amenities that a hotel would have?

No.  The yacht is equipped with marine bathrooms, which are quite different, and much smaller, than your home or hotel bathrooms.  You will receive instructions on how to use them at the beginning of your cruise.  The yacht is equipped with a generator and air conditioning to make your stay comfortable and convenient.  There will be ample opportunities to recharge your phone or other mobile devices as needed.  

What wild sea creatures will I see?

The most common sea creatures seen during your cruise will likely be:  sea turtles; wide variety of tropical fish; sting rays; crabs; conchs; and starfish.  If you are fortunate, you may also see:  dolphins; whales;  nurse sharks (harmless); jellyfish; lobster; eels; and manatees.

What will my itinerary be like?

This is your private cruise so there will be no standard itinerary.  If we are sailing past a beach and it looks good to you, we will stop and enjoy it.  We will give you suggestions of places to go that we are familiar with, but the itinerary is entirely up to you.

Should I plan a sailing cruise even though I'm not a big sailor?

Absolutely!  The Caribbean islands are gorgeous and there is so much more to do than just sailing.  There are hundreds of beautiful anchorages and beaches to enjoy.  Excellent spots for diving and snorkeling everywhere we go, and a variety of shore excursions.  You can go shopping or hiking, or enjoy one of the island hot spots for evening partying.  We will rarely sail more than a couple of hours to go from one anchorage to the next.  We may even sail from one spot to the next several times in the same day, depending on where you want to go and what you want to do.

Do I need a passport to travel to Caribbean Islands?

Maybe!  As of January 2006, all American citizens traveling outside of the United States are required to have a passport.  If you choose to stay in U.S. waters (U.S.V.I. and Puerto Rico) you do not need a passport, just valid identification from your home state.

Will I get sea sick?

Unlike a huge cruise ship, you will feel the motion of the yacht while on board.  A sailing catamaran is very stable, but is in constant motion, so it is highly recommended that you take precautions and use a motion sickness prevention medication or patch at least 12 hours prior to boarding to avoid any discomfort.

Can I scuba dive from the yacht?

If you are a certified diver or if you want to get certified, we can arrange for a certified Dive Master to provide instruction.  We also have recommended professional Dive Operators that we can refer you to.  (this will be at your own expense)

What should I pack?

Not much!  Most people bring too many clothes they don't wear on a cruise.  Please pack light as there is limited storage space on the yacht.  Essentials include:  bathing suits, shorts, t-shirts, sunscreen (no spray sunscreen), sun glasses, hats(that won't blow off), insect repellent, flip flops or water shoes,  and casual evening wear.  Duffel bags are preferred luggage. (they are easier to stow away when empty).  You will be provided with clean bedding, a large beach towel, hand towel and wash cloth.

Can I be reached during the cruise?

Most of the ports we will be visiting have available WiFi to send/receive email.  Cell service in Puerto Rico and USVI is considered home network for AT&T users and the signal is good in most locations.  Other carriers have coverage that is limited and costly.  If we are at a secluded anchorage, enjoy being unplugged.

What if I have to cancel?

Depending on how far in advance you cancel, your payment will be refunded (minus the non refundable deposit).  It is recommended that you purchase Travel Insurance to protect your investment as we cannot refund your payment within 60 days of departure.

Are gratuities expected?

Gratuities are appreciated but certainly not expected.  If you had a great vacation and want to show your appreciation, then 15% of the base fee is reasonable.  Exceptional service often warrants 20% or whatever you would like to give.