Up to Six Passengers-6 nights, 7 days($1750 per person)


Up to Six Passengers-6 nights, 7 days($1750 per person)


6 night cruise for up to 6 passengers including:  7 nights sailing to your choice of Caribbean islands*. Only $2055.00 per person ($7300.00 minimum, 3 passengers $8400.00, 4 passengers $9700.00, 5 passengers $11000.00, 6 passengers $12000.00) Includes: on board healthy casual dining meals(except 3 dinners on shore); open bar; soft drinks; activities on and around the yacht; kayak; stand up paddle board; boogie boards; snorkeling gear; and fishing gear.  Fee includes all mooring fees; customs/port taxes; fuel; and water.  Please complete the Cruise Preferences form to customize your cruise. 

Please contact us for available sailing dates prior to purchase. (adjustyouraltitude@gmail.com or 303-726-3405)


*Within sailing range of embarkation port.

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To determine your choice of cruise destinations, please review the cruise list below.

November 1st through June 30th, cruises will be through the Virgin Islands (Spanish, U.S., and British)  August and September cruises will be from Grenada.

7 day cruises will normally start on Sundays and return on Saturdays.  Please book you return flight one day after our scheduled Saturday return in the event of unpredictable return times due to weather or other conditions that would impact arrival time.

Your safety comes first!  We cannot control the weather, so in the event of inclement weather or unfavorable sea conditions, the itinerary may be changed at the discretion of the captain, without notice.

Please be prepared for sailing in rough seas at times.  The yacht will be in constant motion, so Dramamine or other motion sickness prevention methods are highly recommended.

You will still have a great cruise because even the worst day at sea is better than the best day at work.